Did you know that an overseas sportsbook creates the odds for single sporting events here in the U.S. and that they have to create over 100 lines per day?

Since 2012, COMPUPICKS is the only program that has earned customers consistent returns annually and offers continuous customer support for those of you who new or familiar to placing wagers at a sports book. We understand sports betting can be intimidating, however, COMPUPICKS and it’s staff of betting professionals will walk betting customers through this very stress free process.

COMPUPICKS is simply the best when it comes to our computers algorithmic process of elimination sports betting tactics. Our system provides COMPUPICKS a sporting mathematical edge that we pass on to sports fans and entrepreneurs in the sports betting world. Odds makers are responsible to produce lines for up to hundreds of games weekly, our system finds the minor errors that day and then capitalize if a profit is in sight. Then, our system generates the appropriated sports betting picks. In simplest terms, COMPUPICKS takes advantage of the errors presented by the sport odds makers.

NOTE: We are not a gambling site, we are a sports information service.

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“Sports betting done right means it’s done with no human emotions.”

The COMPUPICKS staff loves to interact with our customers! Contact us anytime at (all emails will be responed to within 24 hours) for more information or simply contact our sports betting customer support HERE.


To start receiving sports betting predictions, simply click on the BUY NOW button below any sporting package available and instantly receive an email with our selections. If you are choosing a package such as “PICK OF THE DAY,” the sports game recommended and the time (PST) the game starts will be sent to your email post purchase, this allows you enough time to get to the sportsbook to make your wager.

NOTE: COMPUPICKS does not have picks everyday but does average 25 selections per month among the three dominant sports betting options (NHL, MLB & NFL) to choose from.

Other sports packaging companies that promise you picks every day simply are in the business to take your money. How can they possibly know there is a “good sports betting option” everyday? The answer is, you simply can’t. If COMPUPICKS does not have a selection that day, our staff will post below that there is no game. If you are a part of a package deal, games will be dispersed to you as our system generates sporting pick options.


COMPUPICKS documents sports-bet results, win or lose, on this website – CLICK HERE to see our past ticket results. If you’re looking for an honest company providing honest results, get started with COMPUPICKS today.


Looking to join the next big thing? COMPUPICKS will educate you on how to take your share of the pie in the world of Sports Investing. Many people don’t realize that sports investing is much safer than buying stocks. New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia are already opening doors for people who want a reliable second income.

The COMPUPICKS price points are based on an average player investing 7% of your total gambling bankroll. Success in gambling comes from the discipline of your bankroll. Remember, this is meant to help bring in extra money. Of course, everyone has different limits so make sure you, the customer, wager sports responsibly. COMPUPICKS will never claim to win every game, just the majority of them with our proven sports betting track record. To order the monthly subscription or any package available, simply click on the BUY NOW button of any package. Our staff loves hearing from clients, feel free to call us with any questions or just to tell us how awesome we are!

COMPUPICKS is a state of the art algorithmic software program that strategically analyzes every line the sports book produces and capitalizes on their mistakes. The COMPUPICKS sports betting software finds mistakes that the sportsbook oddsmakers make and then COMPUPICKS invests into those NFL, MLB or NHL games. With the mathematical advantage COMPUPICKS creates, it gives a statistical advantage to make money regularly.

Now people in those state mentioned above (and of course Nevada) can join the winning team for essentially nothing. Less than $20 gets you started on your path to potential financial security. For years, COMPUPICKS was only dealing with high end investors based in Las Vegas, Nevada. With sports betting bills passing through Congress and continuously opening doors to new states, the opportunity sooner than later for everyone to make money will arrive. So now, we’re staffed and opening up our services to the public! COMPUPICKS highly knowledgeable staff loves to educate “newbies” to the world of sports betting and watch their reaction as they make great returns.


COMPUPICKS simply supplies sports information daily for its customers to invest in the generated information provided, as we advise you. Sounds too good to be true? Visit our website at today to find out how you start earning money today


COMPUPICKS offers this service to single game packages only. For an additional $3, COMPUPICKS provide you with an additional free pick if the game does not go in our favor. The process for refund when purchasing sportsbetting insurance is simple and as follows:

Step 1: Take photo of losing ticket

Step 2: Within 24 hours submit ticket image to COMPUPICKS CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Step 3: Get the next pick our system provides emailed to you for free